Skalar SanCompact analyzer | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Skalar SanCompact Analyzer


Simple structure and durable character for advanced and precise equipment.

Skalar Analytical develops and produces analyzers for laboratories that are specialized in the environment, agriculture, detergents, food and beverages. Skalar’s equipment is technically advanced, accurate and reliable and meets high quality standards, allowing customer-specific configurations with hundreds of applications.

Skalar wants to renew its product line with a modern, high-quality and unambiguous design and has asked Alfred van Elk industrial design to develop a new identity for this. The newly designed equipment is appealing because of its simplicity and not only technically, but also visually lasts a long time.


The new SanCompact continuous flow analyzer designed by Alfred van Elk industrial design is intended for laboratory research and analyses raw materials and liquids such as water, beer, malt, soil, plants and fertilizers. These analyses help with the quality control of, for example, food and drink products and provide information and insight that can be used to improve the management and safety of raw materials.

The housing is visually divided into three zones: a higher volume with pump units for the air segmentation of supplied samples, a lower zone with modules for colorimetric reaction and a zone for photometric detection and analysis.
The product has a compact and modular design. It thus saves space in the lab and offers flexibility because it can be easily expanded. It can be configured for in-line setups with various sampler units and data processing software applications. The automatic processing provides the operator great ease of use.


Skalar Analytical


Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Skalar Analytical


Skalar Analytical

Alfred van Elk