Fast & Fluid paint dispenser | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Fast & Fluid paint dispenser


High-quality and service-friendly paint dispenser with long lifespan.

Fast & Fluid is a manufacturer of paint dispensers, shakers and mixers. These products are characterized by their efficiency, speed and reliability and are used worldwide in specialist paint shops, DIY chains and service centers. The compact HA180 paint dispenser is a mid range machine within the dispenser program and is part of the high-quality Harbil series.


The product has been designed as a high quality, durable device that does its duty precisely and effectively. In order to preserve the value of the product for as long as possible, a design language has been chosen that gives the product a simple and modest character, guaranteeing a long aesthetic lifespan at least equal to the lifespan of the technical components.
With the design, the product is recognizable within the existing product range and distinctive compared to competing brands.

With attention to the accessibility of both internal components and external control parts, the design allows product variations within one service-friendly and compact configuration. The product gives a good view on operating areas and controls for staff with different body lengths. The swivel top, referring to the rotating interior, enables canister filling at different angles. All components can be easily repaired or replaced.
Optionally a monitor and keyboard can be operated on the product.


Fast & Fluid


Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Fast & Fluid


Fast & Fluid


GIO Award
Good Industrial Design

Alfred van Elk