Ubbink Valetis roof terminal | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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  • ubbink-valetis-roof-terminal
  • ubbink-valetis-roof-terminal
  • ubbink-valetis-roof-terminal
  • ubbink-valetis-roof-terminal
  • ubbink-valetis-roof-terminal

About This Project

Ubbink Valetis roof terminal


Distinctive in the market; unobtrusive on the roof.

Commissioned by Ubbink, Alfred van Elk was at the basis of the development of the new smart Valetis roof terminal and took care of the concept design.
This universal roof terminal is used in mechanical ventilation systems and is suitable for all types of roof tiles and roof pitches of 15 – 67 degrees. The design is distinctive in the market but designed in such a way that it is unobtrusive on the roof.


To limit energy consumption, homes must function optimally energetically. This applies in particular to products and systems that make the connection between the indoor and outdoor climate and provide ventilation and air exhaust. Partly due to the increase in heat pump installations, Ubbink can respond with the Valetis to the demand for roof terminals with greater capacity and less resistance. The lower resistance leads to less energy consumption in the home.

The installation is easy due to the right-angled connection to the roof. With a minimal roof opening a good airtight and watertight connection can be made, while the short air outlet ensures less resistance. This guarantees that the insulation values of the roof are maintained.

In contrast to traditional roof-mounted systems, this product is hardly visible on the roof due to its compact design and low height. Because there is no shading, the Valetis is ideal for use on roofs with solar panels: it can be placed anywhere without compromising the energy yield.
The housing of the Valetis is injection moulded and made entirely from recycled granulate.




Alfred van Elk
industrial design
& Ubbink




Eric de Vries

Alfred van Elk