Tiger Ontario bathroom range | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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  • tiger-ontario-bathroom-range
  • tiger-ontario-bathroom-hook
  • tiger-ontario-spare-roll-holder
  • tiger-ontario-bath-grip
  • tiger-ontario-shelf
  • tiger-ontario-toilet-paper-holder
  • tiger-ontario-cup-holder
  • tiger-ontario-double-cup-holder
  • tiger-ontario-bath-towel-holder
  • tiger-ontario-towel-holder
  • tiger-ontario-toilet-brush-set
  • tiger-ontario-shelf-detail

About This Project

Tiger Ontario bathroom range


A great project because you have to find a singular solution.

The Ontario bathroom range designed for Tiger comprises many different accessories. The challenge was to create consistency across the range.


Alfred van Elk: ‘This bathroom line designed for Tiger comprises many different parts, such as a shelf, a cup holder, a towel hook, a towel rack, a soap dish, a bath support bar, a toilet roll holder, a toilet brush set, etc. A very nice project because it is about system thinking. Because there are so many different elements, it is important that the design is very clear, and should be applicable to many different objects. The challenge is to develop a basic element out of which the entire range can be compiled. You can think of a range of nice shapes, but for a project like this that isn’t interesting.

Partly intuitively, partly rationally this requires research into what the basic shape could be, and what that would mean for the entire range. A lot of strategic thinking actually happens subconsciously. In the end it is about getting a sense of the feasibility on the basis of rough sketches, and to then apply them. Such a process turns out slightly differently every time. You always make sketches: that’s what you start with. In this case we swiftly moved on to 3D modelling. Dimensions are important. The notion of a wall bracket, onto which multiple functional elements can be attached.

In the end Tiger received a design that suits their brand values. The accessories are executed in metal castings in combination with stainless steel and glass. The high-end appearance of this range fits with these brand values. The products are sold on the European building materials and DIY outlets.

Tiger is a very sympathetic company, not very formal. Development and marketing were closely involved with the process. Although something can turn out beautiful, it can also become too expensive. Then you have to find a solution. In the end we managed to create a singular range. And it became a market success!’


Tiger Products


Alfred van Elk
Mars Holwerda


Tiger Products


Tiger Products

Alfred van Elk