Mobeye safety module | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Mobeye safety module


Flexible and simply designed series of innovative alarm detectors.

Mobeye is an innovative Dutch manufacturer of security solutions for alarm notification and the monitoring of temperature, power and water level. Mobeye wanted to renew this product line with a clear, modern look and asked Alfred van Elk industrial design to take care of the design. The simple design is visually durable and has an up-to-date character that underlines the reliability of the products. The housing consists of a bottom and cover with a middle part that shows a color accent all around at the split line. The lid can be slid back to access the internal components and connect the various sensors to the product.


This mobile alarm is the ideal solution for optimally protecting a boat, holiday home, storage place, delivery van or for safety at home. The safety modules are professionally applied in museums, restaurants, hospitals, server rooms, archives, offices, warehouses and industrial environments. The product is flexible in use and can be placed in different positions depending on the application: on or under a table top (panic button), against a ceiling or vertically on a wall. The notifications are sent via a push message to the contact’s phone. No power or landline is required for this GSM alarm.

Versions: alarm detector, panic button, power voltage guard, thermo guard, water guard (leakage), water level detector and power failure guard.




Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Luc Kouters



Alfred van Elk