Inventum Ecolution Modul-Air heat pump | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Inventum Ecolution Modul-Air heat pump


Sustainable, energy-saving solution with a long aesthetic lifespan.

Commissioned by Inventum Technologies, Alfred van Elk industrial design has designed the housing of the new Ecolution Modul-AIR ventilation heat pump and heat recovery unit.
The product is compact, energy efficient and quiet in use, and helps to make homes more sustainable and to reduce CO2 emissions. The Modul-Air heat pump can be expanded from a hybrid to an all-electric system, which can be used to provide homes completely free of hot water and fresh air.


Inventum is a Dutch company that has existed since 1908 and is a manufacturer of sustainable, energy-saving ventilation and heating systems for use in homes.
Inventum wanted a well-designed, environmentally-friendly design with a long technical and aesthetic lifespan and thus in line with the core values ​​of Inventum. The clear design of the steel housing contributes to a well-kept and well-arranged user environment. All components of the heat pump are accessible from the front, making the product easy to install in small spaces and easy to maintain.
The heat pump can be used in combination with a central heating unit to reduce gas consumption, or – in well-insulated homes – function completely gasless as a stand-alone unit with a boiler. Together with the heat recovery unit (WTW-D), the total efficiency can be increased even further. Because the warm return air from the home is reused, no outdoor unit is needed.


Inventum Technologies


Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Inventum Technologies

Photography / renderings

Alfred van Elk
industrial design

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