Cooloyster oyster packaging | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Cooloyster oyster packaging


Take-away packaging makes oysters available to wide audience.

Alfred van Elk has designed an environmentally friendly take-away packaging for fresh oysters for start-up Cooloyster. The design makes oysters available to a wide audience.


Alfred van Elk: ‘Many people really like oysters, but find them difficult to open. It takes a lot of effort, strength and care. Not everyone has the knack, which means many people don’t bother buying oysters.

The owner of start-up Cooloyster is an oyster expert, and he had been thinking about a global product concept, in which the oyster shell would be opened before selling, ensuring the consumer would not have to. He asked me to design packaging based on this revolutionary idea. However, a concept like that comes of course with special requirements: it needs to be easy to transport, either by car or bike, and it should end up in your fridge without leaking. I managed to design packaging for this client that works perfectly.

The design comprises a base with a cooling ring and a lid, which are vacuum packed together with the oysters. The lid can be used as a plate, and it can contain six oysters. The packaging is made of Bagasse, a special eco-friendly material based on sugar cane fibres. It is 100% biodegradable and very appropriate for food containers. Oysters can be picked up at the fishmongers in this packaging; it’s hygienic and oysters are “as fresh”. Ready for consumption.

In the collaboration with start-up Cooloyster I have experienced great design freedom. The company owner has great knowledge and experience in this area. I was able to collaborate with him on a one-to-one basis, which ensured that all requirements and details could be met in a carefully designed product. The undulating design is a reference to the transition from seawater to sand, and the packaging exudes durability. This design shows how you can make fresh oysters accessible by way of take-away packaging.’




Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Alfred van Elk
industrial design


Alfred van Elk
industrial design

Alfred van Elk