Auping AVS bed frame | Alfred van Elk industrial design
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About This Project

Auping AVS bed frame


A good bed for everyone.

A minimalist bed frame has been designed for Auping’s revolutionary mesh base. The minimal design makes the mesh base accessible to everyone.


Alfred van Elk: ‘Auping is a very special Dutch company, with a long design history. The characteristics of Auping’s mesh base are unsurpassed when it comes to comfort, ventilation and support. The project involved a close collaboration with Auping’s development team. Auping was looking for a way to make their pleasant, comfortable base, which offers good ventilation and flexible support, accessible for all its target groups: a good bed for everyone.

Therefore the question was: “how can the mesh base be suspended in a simple way?” Then you’re talking about a frame. Which requires a very fundamental solution. The final design is not one that offers a classical bed casing, but solely a frame. The most important difference with a bed casing is that in this design the mesh base is not covered, but is given direct support.

The base is made out of high-quality cast elements and profiles that offer a great design freedom. The entire design is utterly minimal. I like that: it exudes a sense of calm. Because the legs are positioned at an angle, it is also dynamic. And, what is important with a bed is that you don’t bump your toes! So everything falls within the bed’s footprint.

The nicest aspect of this commission is that it literally connects with Auping’s mesh base, with a very pure solution. It is a fantastic result, because it is a dynamic and timeless solution. It is simply an honest product. What you see is what you get, and vice versa. And… accessible for everyone.’




Alfred van Elk
Mars Holwerda






GIO Award
Good Industrial Design

Alfred van Elk